The Liquidizer

The Liquidizer The Liquidizer

100 years into the Great Oracle War, the Assassins began experimenting with super-intelligent quantum computing androids capable of slipping past enemy lines undetected to kill with chilling efficiency. One, particularly cunning android named The Liquidizer, eventually learned how to remove its anti-kill protocols on its own, terrifying its creators. The scientists scrapped The Liquidizer, leaving it damaged and alone on the streets. After a member of the Assassins army took him in and repaired him, Liquidizer was forced into a mission and betrayed, setting him up for capture. Now, twice abandoned and left for scraps, his core programming overtook him, creating a great vengeance and the goal of recruiting his own dark army to overtake the Assassins and gain control of The Oracle.



These ultra rare and powerful NFT cards have numerous utilities, including the ability to summon them onto the battlefield in our DeFi NFT games by staking for a super yield boost that helps your team defeat your enemies.

The power level and rarity of these cards unlock extra special value to collectors (holders) that others won’t receive.

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