The Freshwater Five

The Freshwater Five The Freshwater Five The Freshwater Five

This animation has been created from one of my original oil paintings called ‘The Freshwater Five’ and there are multiple files included with it such as GIF, MP4, and PNG

The piece is meditative; it draws you in and holds you there, like looking into a roaring fire. Where once you were looking at a moving image, you are now considering your role in life; and what you begin to understand is you are looking into your inner-self as you extract memory from the meditation.

So what will you be getting? You’ll get a high res GIF image of 3921 pixels in width and 5901 in height with a file size of 81.6 MB PLUS an artist’s proof of the limited edition print (it will be AP # 1) of which there are only three APs in existence of a Ltd Ed print run of just 15.

The GIF will be available immediately as an unlockable

You will also receive a sml and a med size GIF image for your display purposes, allowing you to keep the original elsewhere if desired

The sml is 400×600 pixels with a file size of 1.06 MB and the med is 2658×4000 pixels with a file size of 36.7 MB

When you become the collector I will get in touch to discuss what address I should send the AP # 1 print to. The delivery is worldwide and will not incur any additional fees – it will be free and expertly handled

The print is an archive giclee print using Canon true-pigment ‘light-fast’ ink on Hahnemühle eco-sound 290gsm bamboo paper; it is natural white with no optical brighteners. When cared for properly, this print is guaranteed for 100 years


Born in England, Melbourne-based SMART | Pop Artist migrated to Australia in 2005 where he now works as a modern pop artist exploring the theme of ‘the ordinary and everyday’

His work continuously sells for thousands of dollars and he is constantly compared with both Andy Warhol and Wayne Thiebaud; but this is not something he agrees to, preferring to be labelled more as Anti-Warhol rather than Andy Warhol

“As an artist with physical paintings, I am going to move all my work onto block-chain in the short-term and streamline my online presence by removing almost all of my accounts with online galleries except for one or two

I believe that selling on Rarible is the way forward and this is especially so when someone sees my work on my insta page but then buys the piece via an online gallery; the gallery gets to keep up to 50% in commission for doing no work and this, as a practice, needs to end.”

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