Redeemable Saatchi Art with Steve Munro screen-printed extremely rare tee

Redeemable Saatchi Art with Steve Munro screen-printed extremely rare tee

So there was this fair see; a fair by Saatchi Art, and they wanted to give their volunteers a T-Shirt as a way to say thx
And on that T-Shirt there was printed one of my paintings
And just a few got made …
They were in great demand and everyone was asking where they could get one but they couldn’t, because no-one wanted to part with theirs
I got one; the global fair director got one; the fair co-ordinator got one; and the volunteers each kept theirs
So I put mine up for sale as my very first NFT a couple of months ago 🙂
But very soon, they are going to be made available exclusively from my online Merch Store –
If you want to get updates on when the rebuild is finished and the store goes live, then head over to the site and drop in your email; you’ll be the first to know when they go on sale and they are also a limited print run with a maximum of two tees per order

So back to the NFT:
After purchasing you’ll receive the original tee in a vacuum pack with unique hologram certificate of authenticity.
The tee was created for Saatchi Art’s ‘The Other Art Fair’ Sydney in March of 2021 in collaboration with the artist Steve Munro.
The front reads “THE OTHER ART FAIR” followed underneath with, in lower font size, “PRESENTED BY SAATCHI ART” with the Saatchi art logo.
On the reverse of the tee is screen-printed a unique painting by Steve called “Ian Fleming’s Mart-Tinny” and you can see the original, wrapped, painting in the back of the image.
The original painting sold within 30 minutes of opening night of ‘The Other Art Fair’ on Thursday 18th March 2021.
Their were made only 15 limited edition signed prints of the painting; eight were taken to the fair and seven sold.
The tee has never been worn and is vacuum packed.
It is one of only nine that were ever printed and it is believed that this one is the only one that has never been worn.
It is a Large ‘a s’ colour staple fabric

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